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How are you fnding so many developers?

We have solid relationships with software
outsourcing companies across Eastern Europe and
as such are always actively travelling to meet new
partners that we get introduced to or fnd ourselves.
Once we have found an outsourcing company we
like and want to work with, one of our technical
partners completes a full audit on their services,
code quality and business in general. When we are
satisfed we have a new partner, we move forward.

Why would I use Red Buckle instead of Upwork or
another freelancer website?

We understand that software development is an
expensive process and when you use a freelancer
website to hire somebody you are never truly sure
how good they are going to be. Here at Red Buckle
we audit our digital partners that supply our
developers and make sure we are working with only
the best people we can fnd for you. If you want
peace of mind from the start, we are the answer.

Is it more expensive to use Red Buckle instead of a
freelancer website?

Absolutely not! We negotiate prices with our
partners to make sure we can deliver you top quality
workers at a very fair and reasonable price.

What type of protection do you have in place?

Red Buckle has a great public indemnity insurance
policy with cover up to £500,000. This adds another
layer of protection to you and your project.

What happens when we get started?

Once we have met and fully understood your
project, you will be required to sign an initial Supply
of Service agreement. This is a no-commitment
contract that protects both Red Buckle and yourself
for all of our dealings moving forward. Once this is
done, we will be able to start building the team you

Who do I pay?

Every month you will receive an invoice from Red
Buckle. All you need to do is pay this invoice on time
and we will take care of transferring money overseas
for you. You only have to worry about dealing with
our UK Limited company.