Our Story

The easiest step of building an app, is getting the idea. Finding the right people to work with and deliver your project is defnitely the biggest challenge. Our founder, Elliot, learnt this the hard way.

In 2013, myself and a business partner had a great app idea, we thought we had the next big thing sitting in our laps and to this day I still truly believe we did. After a successful crowd funding campaign, we were on fire. What happened you might ask? The UK based company we paid didn’t deliver. Eventually we were left with poor quality apps, unhappy users and an empty bank account, the start-up was dead.

Moving forward to 2015 and I launched a second digital product, an Instagram Analytics platform, with one huge diference. I would fnd and built the development team myself. Being (proudly) based in Swansea, UK I was struggling to fnd the talent needed, so I turned to the internet. This changed everything.

The amount of amazing tech talent located around the world ready and waiting to work with technology companies in the UK is endless and I was more than happy to get involved in this new digital era. Working with partners in Ukraine, we built top quality iOS, Android and web applications that functioned as they should. It was the best thing I have ever done.

The business may not have survived due to many diferent factors, however my love for overseas digital partners was born and is thriving now more than ever.

Elliot Thomas, MD, Red Buckle.